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150_icon_stack1About – Husky Media at St. Cloud State University is an online portfolio for aspiring photojournalism students in the Mass Communications Department at St. Cloud State University.  The site launched Aug. 27, 2018, in preparation for documenting the 150 Anniversary at St. Cloud State University.

Go Huskies! In 1938 Huskies was adopted as a nickname by the St. Cloud Teachers College.  Learn about the St. Cloud State names, 1869 to present.

cropped-husky-media-profile-pictures-320px-by-320px1.jpgFind out more about this visual journalism project – Please email  Assistant Professor Jannet Walsh  from St. Cloud State University.

SCSU Photojournalism Team Culture prepares an intensive schedule to document St. Cloud State University, Fall 2018.
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