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Lauren Horan – Senior, English Major

SCSU student Lauen Horan continues to writes in her journal in the Miller Center Library at St. Cloud State University. (Photo/Tyler Gastecki)

Upperclassmen English major, Lauren Horan, wishes someone had told her it was okay to fail at something, to have a bad semester.

“I guess I just really wish I would’ve known that it’s ok to fail. It’s ok to disappoint your parents, it’s ok to have a bad semester, it’s ok to fall down,” Horan said.

Horan said one bit of advice she would give to incoming students is it’s better to withdraw from your classes than to fail them.  Stressing that it is okay to fail, it’s also important how you recover from that failure and improve for next time.

“It’s really when you hit rock bottom is when you know where you belong, and it’s like, hey, I do not want to be at this rock bottom, I want to be where I want to be, and allowing yourself to fail is what really helps you progress,” she told.

Through those early failures, she discovered what she wanted to be the most in college.  Early on she decided that she wanted to go into the medical field since both of her parents were English teachers, she wanted to do something that no one else had done in her family.  She realizes now that going into the medical field wasn’t going to pan out in her favor.

“I went into the science field, and then was basically told that I’m not smart enough to be in that field, so I was like, ok, well, I guess we’re going back to the roots, so here I am, and it turned to actually be a really good decision for me because I wasn’t happy over there in the science         ,” Horan said.

She added  the secret to succeeding in college is having a network of close friends you can count on each day.  Starting out in college she developed a wide network of friends, but steadily saw them drop off as time went on.  She said destiny decided that they weren’t the right people for her, but those that stuck around have been the world to her.

Joining a sorority helped develop her administrative skills she says will be key to what kind of work she wants to do after she graduates college.  Her dream job would be working as an assistant to a Chief Executive Officer of a major company.

“I really like doing administrative work.  I did a lot of it in the sorority.  I really like being behind the scenes and still doing everything while somebody else is like in the spotlight,” she said.

She says in the end SCSU has done a good job with giving her the good old college experience.  One of the things she liked was being exposed to such diverse students and viewpoints.  Although she feels that the campus lacked slightly in preparing her for her future career, she said it’s given her a lot of confidence.

“Just being able to know that, hey, I went through four and a half years of very difficult times, and I made it out, and I accomplished something big, and I can leave this university and say, ‘Hey I’m proud of that, and look at me go. I graduated college, what else am I capable of?’” Horan finished.

Writers: Mitch Abraham, Tyler Gastecki

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