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Lindsey Paulsen – Senior, TV Production Major

Lindsey Paulsen, Senior, sporting St. Cloud State University gear, located in St. Cloud, Minn., Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. (Photo/Taylor Ritenour)

Senior television production student, Lindsey Paulsen, wishes she would’ve taken more film and television production classes earlier on in her college career.

“I was originally an advertising major, but I was so bored in those classes, so I knew advertising wasn’t for me,” Paulsen said.

The one thing she regrets the most was deciding on a major right at the beginning of freshman year.  She says now that she switched there’s going to be another year of classes she has to take, even though she’s already in her fourth year of college.

“Looking back, I wish I had joined a club that worked with cameras, so I could’ve known sooner that TV production was what I wanted to do,” she said.

She noted the importance of getting to know those who have the same classes as you because they can really help you succeed in college.  Meeting new people can help make college easier for students.

“There’s so many people in my classes that can do so many different things.  When you’re struggling with something, they can help you out,” Paulsen said.

Even though her major is TV production, Paulsen said it’s not her dream job to work with a news station, but rather a film production company.  Camera handling or editing film is her dream profession, but she did note the importance of recording sports events in helping her develop of editing skills.

“When recording university athletics, we all usually take turns at doing different things.  Sometimes I’m working the camera, updating game stats on social media, or even adjusting the color on the camera.  Most recently I’ve been working the camera during basketball and volleyball games,” Paulsen said.

Even though she received a later start in her major, she’s glad that she stuck with it.  The Department of  SCSU Mass Communications  helped her in deciding what she really wanted to do as future career, and the TV production experience gave her the experience needed to land her first  job after graduation.

Writers: Mitch Abraham, Taylor Ritenour

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