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Fitness Coordinator at SCSU says the health culture on campus is rapidly declining

November 26, 2018

By Team People Photojournalist Chelsea Bauman

Since 1998, Chris Haukos has been a full time employee at Campus Recreation at St. Cloud State University. She has been a Fitness Coordinator and Special Events Coordinator for the last 20 years. As Chris reflects on her time here, she is looking forward to change on the healthy culture on campus.

One of the biggest changes Chris has witnessed over her time here is the technology.

“With technology, when I first came here, we barely had computers. A floppy disk and away we go. Now, there is so much more access to computers in the classroom, which I think is a positive.”

However, due to the high rise of technology, and other factors, Chris has noticed a decrease in activeness amongst students. When she first started, the enrollment was up and students wanted to experience campus life by living on campus, going to classes, gather in areas such as atwood, lounges, the gym and garvey.

“We used to be so busy that we had to turn people away. You couldn’t even drive up on campus because it was so busy, people would be walking everywhere,” Chris said. “The healthy culture has changed drastically.”

Chris thinks this change is due to many different factors. Buses are now available for students to go a few blocks. Online classes have become very popular. Tuition is on the rise.

“The student life and development is taken away when students sit home in their pajamas and get their degree. Essentially, the changes are a perfect storm as the enrollment has dropped by over 5,000 students,” Chris said.

As a positive, Chris is excited to see what the new president of St. Cloud State University brings. As of now, there are talks about enforcing a policy where Freshman students must live on campus their first year. Also, Eastman, a renovation building, will bring a wellness center and new health services to students.

When asked what SCSU means to Chris, she was excited to explain a community environment.

“SCSU means a community, an environment of students that I can create so many awesome relationships with. It also meant to me a great academic career that I received here and got a job,” Chris said.

Moving forward, Chris is looking forward to change to re-establish the healthy culture.

“I am looking forward to seeing a development and envision of a new plan to create that healthy culture such as biking on campus, upgrading living options on campus, including gym memberships in tuition, and allowing students to take advantage of stuff on campus,” Chris said.

There are so many opportunities such as 35 group exercise classes, intramurals, climbing walls, clubs, Greek life, sororities, and volunteer experiences that Chris hopes will be used more thoroughly in the future.

By Team People Photojournalist Albert Rysavy

Enrollment impacts the recreation at St. Cloud State

November 29th, 2018.

By Team People Photojournalist Adrian Fredrickson

After coming in the fall of 2009 to begin his undergraduate studies, Matthew Bueckers returned for his graduate studies in 2013, and since 2015 has been employed at St. Cloud State University as the Coordinator of Sports Facilities.

Since the beginning of his time, Bueckers spoke on how enrollment has shifted from a dense campus of bodies to what it is today, “When I first started we had roughly 17,000 students enrolled compared to today where I believe we have closer to 10,000. With the decrease in that comes with a decrease in funding, we’ve had to look for ways to gain revenue in order to sustain our facilities and department.”

When asking Bueckers about what he wanted to see change in the future for SCSU Bueckers was slower to respond saying that with regard to his previous answer, it was difficult to get right to what he feels needs to change.

“Being in the department of Recreation you’d really want the recreation to stand out because it’s the students who we are supposed to be serving first and foremost but being in place that revolves around events too, makes me want to see in increase in events down the road.”

With SCSU in its 150th year of operation, Bueckers reflected on the university’s importance in a thought of what might be to come in the coming years, “To be around this long means that we have been doing something right, obviously there are some other things that could happening but now with President Wacker we could flip the script and start doing some things that could give us some more prestige and even more strengthen our presence and importance in the community.”

Buecker’s interviewed closed with what could be categorized as a gratuitous statement to St. Cloud State University, “I’ve been here for 10 years, I’ve gotten two degrees from here. I found my wife here when she worked with me at Campus Recreation, it’s home. I went to Sauk Rapids High School, which is only five minutes away, so you could argue that I haven’t had to move much in my life, but I’ve definitely grown from what I’ve done here at St. Cloud State University. It’s given me everything that I’ve been and everything that I can be.”

By Team People Photojournalist Cassie Fiskewold

By Team People Photojournalist Cassie Fiskewold



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