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St. Cloud State junior takes full advantage of  Study Abroad Program

November 26, 2018

By Team People Photojournalist Chelsea Bauman

A nursing student at St. Cloud State University, junior Leah Uselmann, explains how St. Cloud State has impacted her life, how she choose this university, and what she has seen change over the past few years.

Leah moved to Minnesota from Australia in August of 2016, right before her freshman year.

When asked how she choose St. Cloud State, she said, “I choose SCSU because my aunt went here and she wanted to tour it with me. I also liked that it was a smaller school, the class size was small, and you could easily walk to all of the classes.”

Leah liked the campus, and also heard that the nursing program was really good. Now, three years into her degree, she got accepted to the nursing program and started nursing clinicals, a procedure all nursing students must go to in order to learn and apply the skills. She intends to graduate school in the Fall of 2020 with a Nursing major and Spanish minor.

Over the past three years since Leah has been at St. Cloud, she has witnessed a few changes to the campus, community, and overall St. Cloud organizations.

One big change she said, “The difference between freshman year and now has a lot to do with the advertisement on campus. Now, I get emails and see posters everywhere for different sporting events, organizations, the ferris wheel, and all that was here for homecoming.”

As a member of the Nursing Club, and former member of Chemistry Club, and an intramural player of softball, soccer, and volleyball Leah noted that being a part of something bigger is what has impacted her time so far at St. Cloud.

“SCSU means to me, good, quality education with a close knit community. Fun activities going on all the time, hanging out with people,” Uselmann said, “and I know my professors, which is very valuable to me, and having those kind of resources. The professors know me.”

When Leah talks to others about her experiences at St. Cloud she mentions the great nursing program and the education like the engineering program as well. She also loves playing intramurals, going to hockey games, and workout out at the SCSU gym.

Uselmann also said, “ The study abroad program is really good. You can honestly go anywhere with any major.”

In the summer of 2017, Leah did just that by going abroad to Spain. She said she loved her trip and that is thinking about planning another.

As Leah reflects on the last three years at SCSU, as they celebrate the 150th anniversary, she said, “Overall, I like St. Cloud Cloud because it has allowed me to meet a lot of really awesome people, it gives me an education and degree I am proud of, and being a part of something bigger.”

St. Cloud State Senior Reslishes in the Experience of Being a Husky

November 29th, 2018.

By Team People Photojournalist Adrian Fredrickson

A Mass Communications student at St. Cloud State University, senior Jeremy Lagos, talks about the change he’s seen on campus during his time at SCSU, how the university has made an impact on Minnesota, and relishes his time of being a Husky.

While growing up in White Bear Lake, Lagos had always pictured himself one day dawning the maroon and gold of the University of Minnesota, never really paying too much attention to the Gophers’ neighbors up I-94, “Growing up I never expected myself to be a Husky. It’s been really cool to be able to really take in all that St. Cloud State has to offer and become a Husky for life, and it’ll for sure be one of the cooler things that I can say I’ve been a part of,” said Lagos.

After making the decision to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism, Lagos toured SCSU’s Mass Communication facilities and instantly fell in love, making St. Cloud his top choice for education after high school because of the high level resources and excellent program.

Now in his fifth year at St. Cloud State, Lagos mentioned changes he’s noticed around campus in his time enrolled, on this subject he said, “I’m a big sports guy so I enjoy going to most of the sporting events, in my first year here the Dog Pound was crazy, you’d have to show up over an hour early just to get a good seat. The few years following that enthusiasm had died down and the crowds began to dwindle. All that has changed this year and the Dog Pound looks to be rocking again and I have to say Homecoming being back has helped with that along with the culture change going on within the university.”

In his time at SCSU Lagos has become an active member in the various outlets of the Mass Communications department by getting involved in UTVS, The Chronicle, and KVSC. Giving his time to these groups has not gone by without seeing changes, “The Chronicle for example, we used to print newspapers twice a month and now it’s all strictly online, bringing more jobs and responsibility to that group. A lot at UTVS too, when I first arrived we did two newscasts a day but now its just once per day. Husky Productions reached their 50th year anniversary which was an awesome experience to be apart of,” he said.

“Any institution that has been able to stick around for 150 years is a very good accomplishment and says a lot on just how much the university has cemented itself in Minnesota. All of the important things that have happened and big name people that have come out of SCSU is really impressive,” Lagos said when reflecting on St. Cloud State reaching its 150th anniversary.

Lagos plans to graduate in the spring semester of 2019 but although he may be leaving soon, he had this to say on what he’d like to see change in the future, “Parking is the first thing that comes to mind. I know myself along with other students have had problems parking on campus. I’d hope in the future the prices lower and that it becomes easier to get a lot spot because right now it’s atrocious.”

By Team People Photojournalist Albert Rysavy

By Team People Photojournalist Andrew Knollmaier

By Team People Photojournalist Andrew Knollmaier

By Team People Photojournalist Andrew Knollmaier


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