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Press Release – SCSU photojournalism students document campus life amid sesquicentennial


SCSU photojournalism students document campus life amid sesquicentennial


St. Cloud, Minnesota, November 28, 2018 – St. Cloud State University photojournalism students will showcase in December their work on a monumental project that documents SCSU’s Sesquicentennial.

Nineteen students will present their four final projects open to the public on December 6, 2018, at Stewart Hall, room 109, 11 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Teams will showcase their photojournalism projects online at All projects will be posted on the “Portfolio Page” of the course website at the time of the presentation.

The endeavor involves learning and applying critical skills in visual journalism, writing, videography, audio, and traditional photojournalism techniques. There are four teams and aspects of the project: People, Place, Culture and Future.

Team People, headed by student photojournalist and producer Chelsea Bauman, is focusing on students, staff, and professors at SCSU. “By completing this class project, the goal of everyone is to become more educated about how St. Cloud State University has evolved over the last 150 years related to people, place, culture, and future,” said Bauman.

Team Place, led by Calvin Barker, student photojournalist and producer, is focusing on homecoming, including football, pep rallies, and bonfires at SCSU capturing the environment of the campus. “As photojournalists, we must capture the environment of SCSU and turn our campus into a family community. We will be snapping pictures first and incorporating some videos in certain events that need it,” said Barker.

Janice Lo, student producer and photojournalist of Team Culture, is looking at how culture of SCSU has evolved over 150 years, encouraged numerous trips for her team to explore SCSU University Archives housed at Miller Center.

“Team Culture’s primary goal is to visualize the evolution of St. Cloud State University from 1869 to the present day in conjunction of the 150th Anniversary. SCSU, a university located next to the Mississippi River opened its doors on September 15, 1869,” said Rose Mikhail, student photojournalist.

Thomas Steman, SCSU University Archivist and Professor, contributed a lot of support and assistance to the student photojournalism projects. “My job is to care and make accessible records of St. Cloud State that have permanent value.  Records of permanent value are those that have some fiscal, administrative, legal, and historic value to the university,” said Steman.

“Anything to engage the students, this is why we are here. We are here for the students and to give those students some lifelong skills or at least help them get those skills. By doing things like writing a press release, putting a story together, taking photographs, and be able to do that with St. Cloud State University’s history, to not only learn those skills, but again learning some great history and traditions that have gone on in this university. To show that we are relevant and to show that people should care about St. Cloud State University and that we are making an impact on people,” said Steman.

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If you plan to attend the event, please contact Sarv Mithaqiyan, Media Relations Manager at Husky Agency, for additional information at 650-276-6319 or email If you need additional information please contact Assistant Professor Jannet Walsh, Department of Mass Communications at St. Cloud State University at 320-308-5258 or

About Photographs in Sesquicentennial poster, web page
The featured photo of SCSU President Dr. Robbyn Wacker was taken by Janine Alder, Mass Communications student, at the St. Cloud State University Inauguration, St. Cloud, Minn., Monday, Oct. 15, 2018. (Photo/Janine Alder)

Janice Loh, SCSU Mass Communications student, photographed the Ruby Cora Webster Hall Dedication at  St. Cloud State University, Monday, Oct. 15, 2018. (Photo/Janice Loh)

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